Friday, December 27, 2013

Key Characteristics of White Trash

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Based upon a limited survey of  people, here is a list of the key characteristics of white trash people.   The following criteria are elitist and based upon aristocratic standards, i.e. these criteria reject Cultural Marxism and view whites as genetically fit and call out those whites who seek to trash this genetic heritage as white trash.

Characteristics of White Trash:

1.  The oldest and purist characteristic.  Based upon the traditional meaning of white trash, a person is white trash who dates or marries a non-white.  Demographics:  White women who inter-racially date are white trash.

2.  If you are white and most of your friends are non-white.

3.  Wiggers or other whites who imitate black culture, e.g. whites who regularly listen to rap music.

4.  White people who often eat Mexican food or other Third World spicy food (.e.g Indian food).  (Mestizos are now fattest people on planet and should not be imitated, not to mention fact that Mexican food smells like body odor.)  Preference for spicy food correlates with high-risk behavior.

5.  Whites who study a lower-class language like Spanish instead of an upper-class language like French, German or Latin.

6.  Whites who often tan.

7.  White Christian girly men who suffer from pathological altruism.

8.  White people who watch TV more than 8 hours a week.

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